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EBSCO Full Text Finder: Administration

Full Text Finder Authentication

How do I set up authentication for Full Text Finder?

Verify that your preferred authentication method for Full Text Finder is configured in EBSCOadmin. For more information, see this FAQ:

What authentication methods are available for accessing EBSCO interfaces?

EBSCOadmin Roles

How do I assign roles in EBSCOamdin?

If you are currently an EBSCO Administrator, or someone in your library is an Administrator, when Full Text Finder is turned on in your account a new area called Holdings Management will appear in EBSCOadmin. EBSCOadmin Library Administrators can create any additional login accounts necessary to support your current EBSCO A-to-Z Administrator(s).

How do I add a new administrator and assign roles for access to EBSCOadmin?


How do I access the administrative module to manage my holdings?

EBSCOadmin, the fast, reliable tool for customizing and enhancing your institution’s EBSCO experience, is now the entry point for administering your Knowledge Base. While the Holdings Management tab is new for customers with Full Text Finder, many of the existing EBSCOadmin functions remain the same, and will now be used to assist Full Text Finder customers in customizing the user experience.

To access EBSCOadmin, use the following URL:
You will be prompted for your User ID and EBSCOadmin password.  If you are unsure of your login credentials, please contact Customer Support.

EBSCOadmin Overview - Tutorial

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