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EBSCO Full Text Finder: Link & Note Management

Notes Management

Notes are a valuable tool for providing additional information to your users about your holdings. Notes are assigned to specific Titles, Packages, Vendors, or at the Root level for all items in your collection.

Icons can be assigned to notes to assist users in understanding the information. You can select from the Icon library or enter the URL of a locally hosted icon you would like to display. 

Assigning Notes

Managing assignments from the Title/Package/Vendor page

Notes can be assigned from either the Title, Package, or Vendor page, depending on the level at which you would like the Note to display.  Note: The instructions below for assigning at the Vendor level can be replicated using the Titles or Packages options.  

  1. Use the Vendor tab and searching for a specific vendor (i.e. Sage, JSTOR, ProQuest).
  2. Click the Vendor name from the search results.
  3. Click the Notes tab under the Vendor information.
  4. Locate an existing Note available in your library by selecting Show: Notes not assigned to this Vendor.
  5. For any of the displayed notes click the gray Not Assigned button. The button will turn green and display Assigned.
  6. The Links tab will immediately update with number of Notes assigned to that Vendor.

Full Text Finder Links

The links managed in Holdings Management will provide access for users when they are searching within Publication Finder or interacting with your link resolver menu.

The primary goals of your link resolver is to provide end-users with a copy of full-text articles that you may subscribe to from another provider, enable them to quickly submit an Interlibrary Loan forms, or to check your online catalog for additional information. Links provide the power to connect users to other online targets.

For information on Adding, Editing, and Assigning Full Text Finder Links, click here.

Notes & Link Management - Tutorials


Ordering Full Text Finder Links

How do I change the order of the links in the Full Text Finder link resolver menu?

To change the order:

1.    In the Holdings Management section of EBSCOadmin, select Manage Your Links from the Overview or Links from the top right corner under the main navigation.
2.    Enter a number in the Rank field next to the associated links.
3.    Click Refresh List.


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