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EBSCO Full Text Finder: Overview

Full Text Finder

What is Full Text Finder?

What is Full Text Finder?

Full Text Finder introduces a higher standard for library holdings and link management. With robust features including a knowledge base, holdings management tools, a state-of-the-art publication search service, as well as a fully-functional link resolver, Full Text Finder is designed to replace EBSCO A-to-Z and EBSCO LinkSource services, which are being phased out.

The technology behind Full Text Finder is modernized to improve search performance, to provide additional integration points with EBSCO products and services, and to unify the administrative workflows via EBSCOadmin. In addition, your users will enjoy a richer and easier way to discover publications – and search for articles within those publications.

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Migrating to Full Text Finder

Where can I find more information on migrating to Full Text Finder?

Full Text Finder is being released in phases to ensure that you have continuous, uninterrupted service during the migration period. Exact migration dates are based on your library's combination of products and services. For more information, check out our Welcome Kit for Administrators: 

What information do I need for migration to Full Text Finder?

A-to-Z to Full Text Finder Account Migration FAQs

A-to-Z to Full Text Finder Feature Migration FAQs

When will I migrate?

Because we are migrating our customers to align with the features and services they rely on in their current EBSCO A-to-Z or LinkSource account we are not able to provide you with a specific date in advance. You will be contacted to schedule your migration date at your earliest possible convenience by Customer Support.


Accessing Full Text Finder

How do I access my Library's Full Text Finder?

If you are looking for your Library's Full Text Finder, go to your Library's webpage or contact your Librarian for access details. 

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