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EBSCO eBooks: Purchasing eBooks

EBSCO eBooks Libguide

What is ECM?

The EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM) is an easy-to-use tool for building and managing your eBook and Audiobook collections on EBSCOhost. You can access ECM at the following link:

Getting Access to ECM

How can I get access to EBSCOhost Collection Manager?

You can request an EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM) Selector or Approver account by going to the following URL and completing the form:

Purchasing EBSCO eBooks from Gobi

GOBI is the world’s leading interface for libraries to view, purchase, and manage their book collections. GOBI offers access to more than 13 million titles from leading aggregators and publishers, in both digital and print. GOBI users can create profiles to be alerted of new titles, search bibliographic records across vendors and formats, monitor the status of orders and expenditures, and view what titles peer libraries have purchased. Other features of GOBI include:

  • Duplication control and visibility across formats, vendors, and acquisition models  
  • Full text reviews and refined selection lists
  • Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) title management
  • Notification system – GobiAlerts - to enable faculty or other colleagues to review new title lists and make recommendations

EBSCOhost Collection Manager Tutorials

Learn about the eBook purchasing features available to Selector accounts in ECM.

Learn about the eBook purchasing features available to Approver accounts in ECM.

Learn how to create search profiles with certain criteria and have EBSCO e-mail you weekly with titles matching your selections that have been added to EBSCOhost.

Learn how to use EBSCO eBook Manager to customize the checkout and download settings for your institution's eBook Collection.

Adding EBSCOhost to GOBI

Learn about adding EBSCOhost to GOBI and your Approval Plan Profile in this short video.

Ways to Build Your eBook Collection

eBook Collections

An easy way to begin building your eBook collection is to browse our Subject Sets and Featured Collections. These collections have been crafted by our team of collection development specialists and only include content relevant to a particular subject matter. You can purchase Subject Sets and Featured Collections directly in ECM.

Individual eBooks

If you are not interested in our collections, ECM makes it easy to search for and buy any eBook in EBSCOs extensive catalog. Search our catalog of eBooks and add eBooks to your shopping cart to buy them. Or, if you aren’t ready to buy, create a list and add eBooks to the list. When you are ready to buy, add the list to your shopping cart and place the order.  

Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA)

PDA stands for Patron Driven Acquisition and it is becoming a popular way to build an eBook collection. Using a PDA collection, your institution can build a collection of eBooks and make it available to users, but your institution will only have to pay for the eBooks that are actually used by your patrons on EBSCOhost. To learn more about how PDA works, visit the “What is PDA?” section.

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