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Flipster: Getting Started

Flipster is a next-generation digital magazine solution that makes it easy for you to read your favorite magazines on your computer or mobile device.

Browser/System Requirements

Browser/System Requirements for Flipster

Desktop Computers

  • FireFox Latest and one previous version
  • Safari Latest and one previous version
  • Google Chrome Latest and one previous version

Mobile Devices (Reading on a Mobile Device Browser)

  •     iOS Versions 9 and higher
  •     Android 4.2.2 and higher

Note: If you are using a different mobile operating system, your Flipster experience may vary.

Flipster Mobile Viewer

When you choose to read Flipster magazines on your mobile device's browser, issues open in the mobile version of the viewer.                                                                                                                             

Mobile Viewer Tools

The menu highlighted above opens and closes on tap of the menu icon Menu button.

  • Text-Only: When viewing an article, tap the T icon to view a text only version of the article without images.
  • Print: Tap Print to send the pages you are currently viewing or all pages to a networked printer from your device. 
  • All issues: Tap All Issues to see all available issues of your title.
  • Table of Contents: Tap Table of contents to navigate the magazine using a list view of articles in the current issue.
  • Pages: Tap Pages to navigate the magazine using a thumbnail view of all pages in the issue.
  • Search: Tap Search to search the current issue or all issues of the title by keyword.
  • Settings: Tap Settings to display the content on your screen by Height. Width, or Fit to screen, set the viewer to show one page at a time, and set the viewer to zoom out each time you flip pages. 

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Searching for Magazines

The Flipster Home screen is the default search screen and offers the ability to search for titles by keyword, as well as browse by Category or Latest Issues.

To create a Basic Keyword Search:

  1. From the Home Screen, enter your search terms in the Search box and click the magnifying glass.

A Result List of magazines that match your search is displayed.

  1. Click on the Read now button to read it in the Flipster viewer.

Reading Flipster Magazines

Reading Magazines in the Flipster Viewer

Viewer Tools

In the toolbar at the top, you can:

  • Text View: When reading an article, click the Text View icon to view a text only version of the article.

  • Print: Click the Print button to open a PDF version of the pages you are currently viewing or all pages of the magazine, which you can then print on your computer.

    Note: Issues loaded prior to February 2016 will not be available for printing when using the Print all pages option.

  • All Issues: Click the All Issues icon to view all available issues of your title in the side panel.

  • Table of Contents: Click the Table of Contents icon to view the full Table of Contents for the issue in a panel on the side of the viewer.

  • Pages: Click the Pages icon to view visualizations of all pages available in the current issue in the side panel. Click on an image to go directly to that page.

  • Search: Click the Search field to open the searching options. Enter your search terms in the field and use the limiters to:

    • Search the This issue vs. All issues.

  • Settings

    • Fit content by: Select to fit the page in the viewer by heightwidth, or Fit to screen.  

    • Show one page at a time: Select to view only one page at a time.  

    • Zoom out on page change: Select to zoom out to the full page view every time you move to another page. 

In the toolbar at the bottom, you can

  • Page Arrows: Use the forward and back arrows to page through the current issue.

  • Cover: Click Cover to return to the cover of the issue.

  • Zoom: Click the Plus or Minus buttons to zoom in and out of the page you are viewing.

  • Full Screen View: Click the Full Screen button in the bottom corner to expand the viewer to full screen.

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